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Create an Instant Digital Community with a Social Gallery or a Mosaic

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Live Digital Mosaics is a unique way for employees or customers to interact not only with your brand but also with each other. Photos are submitted onsite, online, or through a hashtag, and are analyzed in real-time to find the most optimal place in the photo mosaic. 


Normal services include photo booth activations, professional photography, hashtags, and live social media photo aggregation, post-event mosaic creation, robust analytics reporting, and so much more (digital features only available, at this time).

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How It Works

We have made this simple to execute:

  • A photo mosaic can be made from any themed / branded high resolution jpeg image.

  • Remote workers share selfies of themselves or with their loved ones and pets. How are they spending their time?

  • Images are collected over a set period of time (hours/days).

  • At a given date and time a Photo Mosaic is created using these images. A link is shared with your team that can be viewed from any internet-connected device. 

  • Watch images being added in real-time. 

  • Once completed a link is shared to view the high-resolution photo mosaic online with the ability to zoom in to find individual photos.

We'll have your gallery up and running quickly. Select from multiple formats (e.g. cascade (shown above), mosaic, gallery, slide show, and more).


If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:



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